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Friday, May 18, 2012

Rooftop Prince Preview 19

Modern Era

SeNa and his lover Tae Moo decide to kill Tae Yong (hit with a car)

But, Pak Ha realise their plan

She ran faster to save her lover prince

she sacrifice herself to rescue her love and let the car hit herself!


Joseon Era

Princess and her lover (joseon TaeMoo) decide to kill prince (with poisoning his dinner)

 Bu Yong realise their plan

she sacrifice herself to rescue her love and eat it instead of him and after poison affect her body she fall to pond!

Han Ji Min Died to Save Park Yuchun in Rooftop Prince?

But there are many voices about the possibility of Se Na, instead of Park Ha, who would be hit and killed by the car. 300 years ago, at the time when Crown Princess was murdered, many viewers pointed out that the face of Crown Princess was not shown in the end, and reasoned that the person who fell into the water and drowned is not Crown Princess but Bu Yong (previous life of Park Ha).
The speculation is that at that time, Bu Yong passed away when wearing the clothes of Crown Princess. In modern times, it can be inferred that Se Na would suffered from the fate of death when wearing the clothes of Park Ha. Especially the anxious face shown by Se Na when Park Ha jumps onto the car, or through Se Na’s lines which suggest that she might die, “If I died once and for all, would I be forgivven?”
Netizens who watched the broadcast said, “If Park Ha died really can not be justified,” “Only Se Na died would clear off the notoriety of the so-called bad guys,” “Our Lee Gak is pitiful, what to do?” “I vote for Se Na gets hit by the car while Tae Moo fell into the reservoir” and so on.

This video Rooftop Prince Preview Episode 19