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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

[120607] OBS News Interviews Yoochun

The singing part in Rooftop Prince: “It’s very difficult to sing the part ‘tied tightly with a rope’”. A recorded version instead of live singing was used in ‘Miss Ripley’ so this is the first time that I have to sing while filming for a TV drama. I have to sing like Lee Gak but I have the habit of humming unconsciously. Therefore, in order not to sing like a singer, I have put much thought into it. Very interesting.” [T/N: Click here for the singing part ]

“The overwhelming sadness made me stay focused instead.”
Park Yoochun experienced the sadness of losing his father before the official release of Roof Top Prince. Since Rooftop Prince is a romantic comedy, people were concerned about whether he has overcome his feelings.

But this makes Park Yoochun stronger. Park Yoochun explained, “It was just that at that time, I went through something that anyone would experience. And by thinking so, I felt comforted. Because I felt too miserable and my heart felt so much pain that that instant became a turning point at which I was able to keep myself away from confusion and stayed focused.”

“At the funeral with my brother, there were many people who came with their condolences. For our future days, I have the thought of making my family have more trust in me and can depend on me.”

“I haven’t had a fight with my mum for over ten years but we had a big fight recently. From my mum’s point of view, she felt sad for me and wanted me to bear fewer burdens. But I did not agree and there were conflicts between us. On the day after the fight, I had to leave home for the drama filming but I felt weighed down with sadness. So I called my mum and apologized and then I sent her and grandma to Jeju Island.”

Source: OBS News
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