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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The power of Park Yoochun!

Good morning everyone!!!!!!

36 countries sent cheering pictures to ‘Rooftop Prince’~

An event unprecedented in the history of dramas has occurred as viewers all around the world sent cheering messages to the SBS special drama, ‘Rooftop Prince,’ which said ‘farewell.’

Fans of 36 countries around the world shot pictures with message they are enjoying Rooftop Prince, the English title of ‘Rooftop Prince’ and sent them.

Fans from not only countries with high Hallyu (Korean wave) power such as the United States, Japan, China but also countries where ‘Hallyu seems not to be that powerful’ such as Chile, Peru in South America, Russia, Italy, France, Netherlands in Europe, Iran, Qatar, in Middle East, and Nigeria in Africa and etc sent cheering messages. 

Although many Korean dramas made issues after they have been aired in other countries, it has been the first time a Korean drama, which has not even finished broadcasting even in Korea, made such an issue in various countries around the world and gave people shock.

A staff of production crew thanked by saying “Sometimes we meet international fans from the studio, but we did not know fans from these many countries cheered and expressed love to us. After hearing this, all the staffs were surprised and moved. We feel worthwhile as many people know we worked hard for several months.”

Credit: Sports Khan, Reporter Kang Sukbong