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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Park Yoochun gets ready to say goodbye to ‘Rooftop Prince’

Park Yoochun expressed sadness at leaving the throne.

Park Yoochun tweeted on May 22nd, “The few days of filming left that will feel longer and faster than any other day. ‘Rooftop Prince’, to me pain and joy.. A project that made me stronger.”

Netizen comments on Park Yoochun’s tweet that expresses his sadness include: “I can’t believe there are only two episodes left”, “Does that mean we can’t see Lee Gak anymore?”, “Hwaiting with the rest of the filming!”, “There’s only a little bit of filming left then”, “So it had a deep meaning for Park Yoochun”, and “I am so curious about the ending.

Netizens were not the only ones who rooted for Park Yoochun. Lee Tae Sung of ‘Rooftop Prince’ replied, “Rooftop bamsaeja. I appoint you as the #1 best person who has stayed up at night. There’s not much left. Let’s cheer up and bamsaeja Wangseja.” (Wangseja = Prince as in ‘Rooftop Prince’. Bamsaeja = to stay up overnight which in Korean rhymes with ‘Prince’ of the title of the drama.)

SBS drama ‘Rooftop Prince’ starring Park Yoochun will end with episode 20 to air on May 24th.

Source: NewsEN via Nate
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