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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Full Story of Rooftop Prince Episode 18

Preview Video Episode 18

Full Story of Rooftop Prince Episode 18

LG and Taeyong beat each other up. Taemu denies the crime. LG says,"I will get you punished." 
LG feels sorry to Taeyong.

LG celebrate Bakha that she finds her mother. He gets to know that he becomes invisible... 
Bakha doesn't know it.. So sad :( He says it to Bakha and they feel sad...:(

LG thinks the time he go back to Joseon is not far.
He says,"The only thing I did here is that I love you." 
LG wants to revenge to Taemu. In grandmother's will, she leaves all fortune to Taeyong execpt in the case she cannot find Taeyong or he is an incompetent.

Taemu sees the video again when he and Taeyong were in the hospital. Taemu realizes that 
LG and nowdays Taeyong are same person. He starts to make another bad plan!!

LG gets to know about black box and he recalls that 
when grandmother's accident there was an accident in front of his house.

LG and Bakha meet police and the police arrests LG for acting as Taeyong ! The police produces 
evidence(It was made by Taeyong.) Taemu denies LG's alibi. Taemu says that he was his house with Sena.

Taemu meets Sena.He tells to Sena that the company will be ours from tomorrow. Bad couple !!!

Bakha finds an initial of Buyong in the handkerchief and she says it to LG. At that time,
he begins to disappear !! With the novel way, he escape from jail and runs to the company.

LG guards the fortune from Taemu successfully >_< 
Also, Pyo sangmu is promoted to the president! Yeah !!

3guys finds the black box. LG requests Taeyong to call Sena. They watches the video.
Sena and Taemu deny the crime but because of the sense of guilt and the evidence, Sena is 

Bakha worries that Taeyong disppears again. For setting Bakha at ease, they go to bed together!! 

Sena visits Bakha's house and sees Taeyong's sms. He asks,"where will we go tonight?" 
Sena sends sms,"Come to Gongneung reservoir. Let's do night fishing."

Noo...... Sena brings Bakha's mobile phone and the couple t-shirt.(LG prepares it for Bakha.)
Bakha feels sorry to Sena so she wants to buy dinner. At that time, LG calls to Bakha. 
Because of the ringtone and the direction of GPS Navigation, Bakha feels something strange.

Bakha wants to find her mobile phone. At that time, LG's guy comes home and ask why you don't 
go fishing yet. So, Bakha gets to know the bad plan !!!

Sena makes like Bakha and lure LG into a trap... Nooo T_T_T
Taemu attempts LG's life. At the same time, Bakha runs into the place to save LG!!
EP18 is over ! Does Bakha die?????? NoT_T I don't like sad ending :(

Park Ha Worry her prince will be disppears again.

I really love seen them together :D