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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Full Story of Rooftop Prince Ep 17

LG changed the car and go to Bakha.
Jang called Sena and said,"You are InJu's older sister.. You are my daughter.. I am your mother.. 
If you are okay, call me mother.."

Sena is too embarrased and she calls to Taemu. She asks about Bakha but Taemu says,"I did nothing." 
What a bad guy !! At the same time, LG is arrived! 
Taemu drops a car key and teases him. LG bends down to pick up the key.

Finally!! LG rescues Bakha and they go back to rooftop!! 

LG nurses Bakha devotedly XD LG recommends to not go to Jang. But Bakha wants to show 
that she is okay:) She decides to advertise for finding mom. 
Jang says to Bakha, "Sena is my real daughter. I wanna find another daughter. But I give it up..." 

Sena mom says to Jang everything about Sena. In fact, Sena mom doesn't want to let Sena go.. 

LG shows the picture of Newyork to Bakha. LG pretends to Taeyong again. 
The time Taeyong left, Bakha turns up. Then, Taeyong intoduces Bakha to Taemu. lol 
They say that they met in Newyork!!! Bakha tells to Taeyong, "I think I saw you, weren't you?" 
Taemu is embarrassed and gets out of the restaurant.

Bakha tells to LG that Sena is Jang's real daughter. Then, LG infers that 
Bakha and Sena can be real sisters as they were real sisters in Joseon dynasty..

Taemu and Taeyong drink together. But they each have different purposes !! 
At the same time, Sena gets inside Taeyong's room !! 
Sena opens laptop of Taeyong and sees the picture of newyork. Taeyong's grandmother sees the picture 
and request the laptop.. While they argue, grandmother falls headlong down a 
flight of stairs !! She hurts a lot but Sena runs away !!! Nooooooooooooo!! Bad girl !!!!

Taeyong finds his grandmother and moves her to hospital. But she passed away.......R.I.P.... 
Taemu tells to Sena hurry off to Hongkong. After having a funeral, Taeyong finds Sena's key in his room and finds that laptop is disappeared.!!

Sena feels guilty.... When she arrives her home, she packs up.
Jang, Sena and Bakha go to airport. Because of LG's word, Bakha has some strange feelings. 
So she shows her picture to Jang and asks about the picture !!! Jang is shocked and asks to Bakha,"Are you Inju..??" OMGGG Finally! Bakha meets her mother !!!

When Sena sees the scene, she realizes that she can't go to Hongkong with Jang. 
Sena returns to home and drinks. Taeyong enters to her home with the key.

Not looking back, Sena tells, "Aren't you afraid??"
And there is Taeyong !!! Taemu comes after Taeyong...Flaring anger !!!
EP17 was really spectacle !! OMG I can't believe that grandmother passed away.....Sena, such a bad girl !!
I hope that all of you enjoy it! And will you join tomorrow, too?? XD

Rooftop Prince Prince Yoochun Kiss Park Ha Min

After saving Bakha, Yoochun tucked her into bed and kissed her forehead... SOOO SWEET!!!