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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

[120614] Park Yoochun selected as the ideal college senior, Tae Yong as ideal college junior

Community Portal Site DC Inside conducted a survey last June 5-12 on who is the ideal college junior for men?

A total of 26,435 people participated in the poll. Tae Yong ranked 1st getting 34.1% of the votes. Lee Yeon Hee, who appears in the SBS drama Ghost ranked 2nd with 26.7%. SNSD’s Seohyun ranked 3rd with 17.8%.

While on the same site, a similar poll was conducted last May 29 to June 5 which focuses on the ideal college senior for women. Most of the women voted for JYJ’s Park Yoochun.

A total of 51,002 people participated in the survey. Park Yoochun ranked no. 1 with 34.3% of the votes, receiving an overwhelming support. Lee Seung Gi is 2nd place with 19.1% with almost 15% difference from Park Yoochun.

3rd place goes to Lee Minho (11.1%). 4th place goes to Kim Hyun Joong (8.9%) and 5th place is Kim Soo Hyun with 3.5%.

Credit : JYJ

Translated By: rubypurple 
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