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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Park Yoo Chun Shows He Can Act with His Feet on ‘Rooftop Prince

Park Yoo Chun moved his viewers to tears 

with his feet.

The May 23 broadcast of SBS’ Rooftop Princeshowed Park Ha (Han Ji Min) come close to death after being hit by Yong Tae Moo’s (Lee Tae Sung) car.

Yong Tae Moo tried to kill Lee Gak (Park Yoo Chun) by hitting him with his car, but Park Ha unexpectedly jumped in and took the blow. Lee Gak made it out without a scratch because Park Ha had pushed him out of the way, but Park Ha herself was hit and pushed into a lake.

The image of Lee Gak sobbing over Park Ha floating on the water overlapped with the image of Lee Gak sobbing over the death of his Crown Princess at Joseon’s Buyongji and brought the drama’s viewers to tears.

They seemed especially impressed at how Lee Gak’s every step expressed the extreme sadness he was feeling - which is especially ironic, considering that Koreans use the term
acting with your feet to indicate something negative.

Viewers left reactions such as, ‘I thought my heart would burst when Lee Gak walked listlessly calling out to Park Ha’, ‘His every step drips with tears’ and ‘I wish Lee Gak would go through a time slip again.’

Rooftop Prince will come to a close with its 20th episode on May 24.

Photo credit: SBS