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Sunday, March 9, 2014


Boeing 777 - Kuala Lumpur Beijing : Many Questions, Few Answers.

As the hours pass, increase the unknowns surrounding the accident. A company backed by security , an almost new aircraft , a signal vanishes on the radar ... Researchers try to dispel the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 .

Operating tracking has been reactivated with the Indonesian sunrise , but more than 24 hours since reporting the disappearance of the plane he makes waiting unbearable agony for the family and a horizon of unknowns for researchers Can an airplane disappear without a trace?
Oil stains

The Vietnamese authorities warned yesterday of the location of two large oil slicks , between 15 and 20 kilometers south of the island of Tho Chu, where stood the first hypothesis of the possible crash site . The finding has been , for the moment, at that. In just a finding does not confirm anything , because still not found any trace of the fuselage .

No weather problems
Research has also ruled an accident due to bad wea-ther conditions. The weather was cloudy in the visibility and , therefore, correct .

Switching back
Tracking radars alerted strangely missing plane maneuver that would have turned his way to the Malaysian capital , Kuala Lumpur, to Beijing . This was announced by the head of the country's Air Force commander . But strange that the crew had not noticed the maneuver. None detected no record of communications with the control tower , as ordered by the protocol.

Any communication from the pilot
The pilot also reported at any time to any problem or technical malfunction in the device. No alert message was received. Simply , the signal faded screens tower control.Las information was very confusing at first . It was argued that the tracks had disappeared from radar two hours after takeoff. The Civil Aviation Malaysia subsequently corrected information : had been an hour after takeoff.

A phone with ringtone
The family of one of the passengers said today that he called his mobile phone after the disappearance of the known apparatus , and gave tone. However, when he handed the phone to the airline responsible for loa , and no tone was recorded.

No sign of the black boxes
The black boxes emit signals in the water when a plane falls into the sea , which can be detected at great distances. No sign .

An airplane capable of flying long distances
The crashed plane had had problems in one of the wings , settled in 2012 , as confirmed by the airline. He had not given more problemas.TenĂ­a just 11 years old and he was powered by two Rolls- Royce Trent engines British-made and high quality, which enables it to fly long distances without escalas.Los experts agree that it is one of the safest models world . The first fatal accident in its 19 year history occurred just last July, when the crew of an Asiana Airlines plane landed long before the start of a track in San Francisco. Three of the 307 passengers died . With this , the only serious incident with a 777 occurred in January 2008 when a British Airways plane landed about 305 meters later (1,000 feet) on a runway at Heathrow Airport LondresEste model was the first jet with two engines that are endorsed to fly over the ocean to within three hours of an airport emergency . This is nearly three hours could fly on one engine .

On the secure part of the flight
According to aviation experts , the apparatus , with two-hour flight , he was in a safe part of the journey , where it is assumed that nothing should go wrong , contrary to what might happen on takeoff or aterrizaje.En this stage, pilots perform minor changes in height and runs on autopilot. If an emergency is detected , these aircraft have an emergency battery that allows you to give the alert.

An accredited airline
Malaysia Airlines is part of One World and is one of the few that are distinguished by the 5 Star Skytrax , one of the most recognized audits aeronautical world. The company did not record an accident with fatalities since 1995Bien is true that in recent years crossed economic losses forced management to undertake , in 2006 , a strong plan restructurings . He left 99 of its 118 domestic routes , reduced the fleet of aircraft and fired a third of staff. But since the company deny security cuts .

Experienced crew
The pilot of the plane is a Malaysian aged 53 years and 18,365 hours of flight , according to the company itself. "It has a total of 18,365 hours of flight . Entered into Malaysia Airlines in 1981 ," he added in a statement issued yesterday. The first officer, Fariq Ab.Hamid is Malaysian , aged 27 . It has a total of 2,763 flight hours, entered Malaysia Airlines in 2007 , added the note

A similar mystery
The case recalls the mysterious crash of AF- 447 of Air France, disappeared off the coast of Brazil in 2009 with 228 passengers aboard traveling towards Paris. The bodies of the dead were not recovered from the ocean until two years later.