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Monday, June 4, 2012

[120604] Yoochun Interview: ‘Lee Gak’ Park Yoochun, If He Studies As Hard, He Can Be Top In Seoul University

Group ‘JYJ”s member Park Yoochun (27)’s acting is undergoing an evolution.

Compared to the debut work KBS 2TV’s ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ (2010), the greater depth (in acting) has led SBS TV’s fusion sageuk ‘Rooftop Prince’. Compared to the time of MBC TV’s ‘Miss Ripley’, he is now more relaxed and comfortable in acting out his expressions. The timeslip fantasy theme appropriately mixed comic and earnestness, and earned high praises from the public by perfectly digesting and individually playing 3 roles. These are the achievements of an actor who has debuted for 3 years.

“In ‘Miss Ripley’, due to the burden from the end of ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’, the thought that I need to act well was great. That thought bounded me and I could not act freely, this time round, I threw away that greed to act well. Although it is also true that the sense of responsibility is huge, during filming, it was as though I received consolation from character ‘Lee Gak’” are his thoughts.

Exiting from the intense war among Wed-Thurs drama with the outstanding result of being 1st in viewership ratings was not smooth-sailing at the beginning. March 21, after deciding on the schedule of the first broadcast, he was met with the loss of his father and had to leave the filming site. Then, before the grief can fade, he returned to the filming site, and from episode 4 onwards, it was a race against time with a schedule that was almost live broadcast.

“The content to be broadcast on Thursday was filmed till 6pm before we can rest for half a day. Then, to film for next week Wednesday’s content, we returned immediately to the filming site. I spent the week at the filming site, and requested from the production team for some makeup and hairstyling time. I wanted to spend that time sleeping, even if it was a little while…”

There was pain psychologically as well. “At the beginning, I wasn’t able to be funny at parts that needed me to, I couldn’t adjust my emotions in light-hearted scenes. Fortunately, with the help of staff and actors at the filming site, I could expel a little of the grief. Because of these words ‘Have you had your meal?’, I started to be consoled and gradually found back my smile. For the people around me to treat me as though nothing happened, it became a great comfort for me.”

Grateful to ‘Park Ha’ Han Jimin (30) as well. Although she is a sister elder by 4 years, compared to other pieces of work, being able to get more intimate faster is a factor allowing the familiarisation of the filming site as well. “We are very in tune. Because Jimin noona received (my acting) well and led (my acting) well, I was able to do well. I thought she would be cold like she was in ‘Padam Padam’, but she was instead easygoing. She approached me like she knew me for a long time, thus of all the other pieces of work, it was the fastest for me to be close and to feel comfortable.”

“It feels like we’ve known each other for 10 years though we’ve only met for 3~4 months. The scenes involving the two of us is aplenty, thus the time for us to talk is aplenty too, but her straightforwardness was unlike other females. Purity 100%” and “Even while holding hands during filming, there was nothing (between us), thus there is no possibility of us becoming a couple.”

However, he confidently expressed that while filming the drama, “I loved Park Ha more than anyone else”. Park Yoochun claimed, “‘Park Ha’ and Han Jimin are too different. Noona is like a neighbourhood noona, but when changed into ‘Park Ha’, she changes into someone who is more delicate than anyone else and I just want to hug her.”

What if it was not ‘Lee Gak’ but Park Yoochun? “I think that I won’t fall in love for ‘Park Ha’. Although it is good for one to be strong in living skills, but Park Ha is too strong. Also, because even crown princess ‘Hong Sena’ won’t know when I would die, if time allows, I would like to find someone else,” and laughed.

“Ending this piece of work this time round, I have greater aspirations for acting,” expressing his passion for acting. He said, “Normally, I would first plan a break, but for the piece of work this time, the sense of satisfaction is to the extent that I don’t want to rest. Also, what’s different from the time when ‘Miss Ripley’ ended is that I want to quickly find a new role to freely and interestingly portray. This year’s goal is to complete 2 more pieces of work. It doesn’t matter if it’s a movie or a play,” and showed high morale.

“A genre I wish to take on? I want to do something active like action. Or someone with split personality or a psychopath, who can smile while killing. Thriller too, if there’s a chance.”

Source: Jbnews
Trans by maettugi
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