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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong Receives Fan Letter While Bodyguards Aren't Looking

Singer Kim Hyun Joong was caught in a video, of showing a glimpse of his love for his fans.

On May 24 an online community posted a video under 'Kim Hyun Joong discreetly receiving a fan's letter.'
The video was exactly what the title read. A female fan tries to hand Kim Hyun Joong a letter, and he passes by as if he didn't see it, but sticks out his hand from the back to receive it. He had expected the bodyguards to push away the fan, so he was being considerate by discreetly receiving the letter. At the moment he is receiving the letter, he looks at the bodyguards and smiles.
This video seems to have been taken on May 20 at Jung Joon Ha's wedding.
Internet users who saw this commented, "There's a reason Kim Hyun Joong receives so much love", and "I feel the genuine love he has for his fans.”
Photo: Online Community